About Us


Founded in 2015, Shelter of Love was established to serve as an advocate against domestic violence. Our mission is to support displaced victims, educate the community and provide preventative information as it relates to domestic violence. Our organization supports this demographic through donations and programming that is designed to equip victims to become more secure emotionally, mentally, and financially.​

Our Mission

Shelter of Love's mission is to support victims, educate the community and provide preventative information as it relates to domestic violence.

We Support Our Vision By...

  • Driving domestic violence awareness and education within the community

  • Providing essential items for domestic violence victims as they seek immediate housing at local shelters.

  • Providing avenues to empower, support and drive independence for survivors in the form of workshops, luncheons and collaboration with community partners.

We believe all people can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Meet the Board

Gayle Davis

In Their Own Words….Why Shelter of Love?

"As a previous victim of domestic violence, I wanted to assist other women who are experiencing this physical, verbal, and emotional abuse. I am very passionate about the vision of this organization. Most importantly, I look forward to the impact this organization will have for the women who have experienced domestic violence, women of all ages that could be the one of three who experience domestic violence and  the community as we advocate together against domestic violence"



Crystal White

In Their Own Words….Why Shelter of Love?

“Once the Founder and President Gayle, shared with me her vision for Shelter of Love, I thought back to my life as a child that witnessed domestic violence with my parents and it encouraged my spirit to join this amazing organization. Through Shelter of LOVE we will provide the tools to empower and strengthen the skills and hope within an individual. One of our goals is to touch those who may feel lost.”

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Vice President

Dilip Tunki

In Their Own Words….Why Shelter of Love?

"This non-profit organization provides support and tools for women who has endured pain emotionally and physically due to domestic violence.  I wanted to be part of a worthy cause and provide tools and support to empower and strengthen their skills, where in they can be back on their feet with confidence.”

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Peg Fairbanks

In Their Own Words….Why Shelter of Love?

"With my background in Family Law, combined with my experiences from my CASA work, I knew I wanted to continue working on this issue and to help victims of abuse. Gayle’s vision inspired me and I knew I wanted to join this organization. I want others to know there is hope, people care, and The Shelter of Love is here to inspire and support those seeking help."


Board Secretary

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